Stop and smell the flowers

The Lilac Swing Coat is a new addition to my Weedrobes Collection. It reminds us that the olfactory senses are a basic element in nature used by plants, animals and mammals alike. Here there is no need for manufactured artificial scent, the redolent flower itself entices our nostrils. On the day of the photo-shoot in front of the historic Marine Building, passersby stopped and took in the garment’s aroma.

This manteau parfumé of fresh scented Lilac flowers epitomizes the perfume industry, in particular the seductive ads of Chanel No 5 featuring Catherine Deneuve who stood for luxury and sophistication. The coat itself is styled on the glamour evening jacket preferred by film stars in the 1940’s.

Although perfumery is an ancient art, it is now a multi million industry fronted by celebrities who use it to extend their brand. The concept of having one’s own particular fragrance from a perfume is based on the feral need of marking territory, such as leaving our scent on our lover’s pillow. With everything from aromatic plug-ins for your home to mouthwash for your pets, our noses are quite out of joint and may someday lose their ability to distinguish real human musk from something concocted for a pop star. The Lilac Swing Coat is here to remind us that style and nature can happily co-exist without any monetary transactions.

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