IceShifts Feb 2011

I have been continuing my exploration of frozen garments in blocks of ice. This new piece is a turning point for me where I have begun to incorporate plant materials into the mix. Julie Taymor’s scene of Lavinia in her film Titus has stayed with me for a long time; her hands cut off and turned into branches. In my artwork though, the organic elements symbolize a redemption of sorts, where nature regenerates itself and life continues despite tragedy.


  1. Hello, I am an aspiring artist interested in photography and unconventional mediums. I happened to see an article on AOL the other day displaying your work and I was immediately enthralled by it! I found your website and spent a good hour studying your pieces. They are absolutely breathtaking; the frozen clothing in particular. They remind me of X-rays but instead of feeling sterile and distant, they have a certain warmth and eerie familiarity, like a family ghost. Stunning!

    I have posted a link on my blog to another artist whom I think you may be interested in. She too makes clothing out of natural as well as unnatural materials but with a different style.

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