Chronos handmade costumes

I created both the costumes for this project to reflect the future of fabrics and support the current movement of slow fashion. In addition the design is based on simple ventilation techniques adapted for a hot and dry climate. Both pieces, the jacket and the vest are woven with materials that could be found in a desert environment. Firstly the Yucca plant fibre was used extensively throughout the weaving. This plant and others such as Agave and Sisal have a long history of being processed for the long stiff fibres contained in their leaves to make cordage and rope. Yucca is readily available here in zone 8 as it grows in poor soil and crops up in empty lots.

The second material i have used extensively is Willow bark, which I grow myself and harvest every year. Once the long bark peelings are prepared they are cut into thin strips for weaving. It acts and feels very much like leather and makes a soft and pliable vegan alternative. It dyes very well and  the smooth inside contrasts with the more textured outer bark, which offers tonal variations.  Both garments incorporate ventilation and allow for air circulation.

My intention as a designer is to make garments that could be plausible in a dystopian future where the synthetics of fast fashion are replaced with regional plant fibres. The concept behind the short film Chronos, time of sand is that the character survives through their ingenuity and creative skills. Chronos is seen scraping Yucca leaves, weaving, dyeing and sewing in preparation for his upcoming journey. Through this demonstration of textile the audience understands the importance of  keeping ancient skills alive, while also defying the current Hollywood narrative of heavily armed high tech clothing.

More process photos Here and Here

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