Rising In Liverpool

Su-Chen Hung, an artist I shared a lot of yurt-time with in Mongolia, is showing her new work at: The Independents Liverpool Biennial 2010, from Wed. Oct. 27 ~ Sun. Nov. 28, 2010 at Wolstenholme Creative Space,  11 Wolstenholme Square, Liverpool, UK. Su-Chen’s piece is created with red sewing thread and 3059 sewing needles. Of her work she says: Are the four images echoing each other in their positive and negative forms or have the figures on the wall just arisen from the floor? This exhibition, curated by Priya Sharma and Caroline Smith, showcases the artists’ varying concepts and reactions to the unique environment of WCS. They explore being touched by both the walls of the places and environments we inhabit, as well as the walls and structures we create within our awareness in relation to others, feelings and communication. Other artists in this exhibit include: Michael Coombs (UK), Henrietta Simson (UK), David Eveleigh and Melissa Evans (UK), Su-Chen Hung (USA), Andrew Brookfield (UK), Junichrio Iwase (Canada), Ulrike Oeter (Germany), Cait Walker and Robin Heap (UK), Carol Ramsay (UK), Hannah Wiles (UK), Claire Freeman (UK)


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