Mongolian 360 Experience

My experience of Mongolia was defined by the region of Bazriin Chuulu where the Land Art artworks were created and the people i met there. Mongolians are happy go lucky and so my favorite and most informative experiences happened by accident. For instance, one day after being lost in the desert for several hours, roaming the landscape in Mr. Tsegmid Puntsag’s SUV, we came upon a site which has a tiny well of holy water. That day i also  learnt  about Lama Zavaa Damdin who was a Gobi Buddhist scholar and a hermit during the socialist purges. Tsegmid also pointed out the many standing stones strewn throughout the landscape which are ancient headstones. On my walks i also came upon several types of stone Ovos, which are piles of rocks that mark a sacred spot.

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