The Mask

Perseph-smoke-crop2-72For the second phase of the A Dressing the Future project with the Persephone character I created a mask that she would wear as protection against the toxic smoke outside. This second phase depicts the environmental devastation of forest fires, which have destroyed crops. Persephone is able to scavenge for food because she has fashioned a mask based on the concept of the medieval plague doctor mask, which had a long snout filled with herbs to protect them from the miasma of disease. Her mask is made from organic materials and features 2 respirators made from halved pomegranates filled with herbs. This phase was videoed and will be part of a short film on the whole project. The mask is made from Pomegranate Peels, Orange peels, Willow Bark, Roses, Red Corn, Wooden Fan, Antique Lace, Anise Seed, Root, Cloves, Wooden Beads, Rudraksha Seeds and Mung Beans.


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