Knitting Cattails

No I am not knitting the tails of cats, but the  Cattail plant, which I harvested from the pond on Granville Island- and yes the maintenance guys were very happy to let me do that because it is very invasive and they have to go in with hip waders every year and pull a bunch of it out. I then washed  and dried the long leaves and stored them in the rafters of my basement. To use them for weaving or in my case knitting and crocheting, they have to first be soaked to make them pliable. For now i am experimenting with knitting, crochet and macramé- and no I am not making an owl wall hanging!!! (that’s a 70’s reference for you youngsters)- I am making armatures for new garments in my Weedrobes collection. My intention is to have armatures of bodices, sleeves ands skirts ready to use when plants come into season or when I come upon some prunings.

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