Modern 360 Mongolian

My second project was derived from the first one. The empty circles cut out of the felt spoke to me about the inevitable modernisation of Mongolian life; how the traditional Ger is being replaced by modern houses and apartments. This felt piece was purchased at the market and it was used, that is, it was once a ger covering. I hung it on the rocks as a temporary installation and then i had an artist, Megumi Shimizu wear it as a sort of house/cape. Megumi is a performance artist and she participated in several artist’s pieces on top of her own work. I want to thank her for her enthusiasm and patience.

I also went back to my first site up in the valley and played with the leftover pieces of dyed felt i had and created pieces that looked to me like boots, so i placed them in pairs and had them “walking” over the stone. The troops of Ghengis Khan marching over the land, conquering all…

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