Denis Feser, Organic

This is pretty “heady” stuff but you have to love a man who wraps himself in lettuce! Watch video

Organic shows the artist participating in various actions, in which he “dresses” himself partially or completely in different plants or types of food. The Performancevideo “organic” (2007), and a fourteen-part image and text series, “colonial/desire” (2007), updates the drama about the simultaneous limitation and transcendence of the body, turning it into a strategy of colonial desire, in which the individual primarily seems to be the“function of an ethnological view.”. He transforms himself into a hybrid creature, alluding equally to Oswald de Andrade’s Cannibal Manifesto of 1928 and the European fear of cannibalism, as well as to the manifesto’s expression of the idea that Brazilianculture should be regarded as an amalgamation “that eats and digests good European taste and the Old World’s ways of life, and brings forth something new, hybrid.”

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