StoreFront Video

I am happy to share with you a new short documentary about the StoreFront, objects of desire project at the Lansdowne Centre in Richmond BC by Michael Sider. This video captures the performance and audience engagement parts of the project as they occurred in the mall;  intersecting consumer culture and artistic interventions with gentle prodding and good humour. And of course the kids are so darned cute! Special thanks to Elisa Yon of the Richmond Public Art Program for supporting the creation of this video. Performers include, Nita Bowerman, Billy Marchenskie and myself. Enjoy.  

Nomadik in the Desert

The Nomadik Harvest Dress was part of the Flatlanders and Surface Dwellers exhibition at 516 Arts in Albuquerque New Mexico. Curator Lea Anderson invited me to come down and give a talk about my work and so I took the opportunity to also have the Ms Cornucopia, this time embodied by Korie Tatum, cook up a dish of Cholla cactus buds. I met with local native plant forager, Amy White, who took me out to gather plants, which was the highlight of my trip. We also went out to the desert to take some photos of the dress in it’s natural habitat. Special thanks to Rhiannon Mercer …

Suface Design Journal

Check out the Spring issue of Surface Design Journal which features the article Decomposing Couture, written by Leesa Hubbell, which talks about my Weedrobes series. The Lilac Swing Coat, worn by Nita Bowerman is featured on the cover. The whole issue is dedicated to dress and it has many wonderfully creative artists and projects in it.  Decomposing Couture-Hubbell

Knitting Cattails

No I am not knitting the tails of cats, but the  Cattail plant, which I harvested from the pond on Granville Island- and yes the maintenance guys were very happy to let me do that because it is very invasive and they have to go in with hip waders every year and pull a bunch of it out. I then washed  and dried the long leaves and stored them in the rafters of my basement. To use them for weaving or in my case knitting and crocheting, they have to first be soaked to make them pliable. For now i am experimenting …