Objects of Desire in Ice

Upon returning from my winter art residency in Banff in February 2014, I was happy to discover that Vancouver was under a layer of snow. This is unusual for this temperate climate and I am one of the few who relish in this rare occurrence. It meant that i could continue some of the ice work I had started in Banff and further develop the idea of covering objects that represent our desire for success and commercial goods under layers of ice. These are much smaller in scale than the chandelier in Banff but i had so much fun in …

Banff Winterjourney Art Residency

The Winterjourney art residency was held in at the Banff Centre for the Arts, in Banff AB from January 13 to February 21, 2014 and led by visiting artist Andreas Siqueland from Oslo. This residency permitted me to further my exploration of ice as a medium. I was happy to meet fellow artist Del Hiller who was also experimenting with making icicles and who graciously lent me some of his equipment to play with. It was also a time for me to try my hand at video, which i discovered i love as much a photography. It will be a …

BG Magazine

My ice typography work was recently featured in BG Magazine. I love the layout of the images. View full article here: Dextras Layout

2013 Environmental Art Calendar

Start the new year off with the 2013 Environmental Art Calendar  by Amber Lotus Publishing. Photo Solar Resource is featured in February. I am in good company with other artists such as Steven Siegel, Patrick Dougherty, Chris Drury, Karin van der Molen,( whom i met during Land Art 360 Mongolia) Chris Booth (who exhibited during the Earth Art in Vancouver) and Diana Lynn Thompson (who lives on Salt Spring Island here in BC). What an honour! http://www.amberlotus.com/productdetails.cfm?sku=13EA&isbn=9781602376113&title=2013-environmental-art-wall-calendar


Pharos consisted of six blocks of ice with fabric embedded in them created during the Winterlude Festival in Ottawa Canada in February 2012. The 5 foot high blocks of  ice were created outdoors in situ and the garments were meant to represent the early days of winter Carnivals. The piece was installed in Confederation Park, along with 10 other artists who were part of the BlizzArt exhibition. It took a week for the ice to freeze due to the unseasonal warm weather in Ottawa- they even had to close down the Rideau Canal to skaters for a few days. Big thanks goes …

IceShifts Feb 2011

I have been continuing my exploration of frozen garments in blocks of ice. This new piece is a turning point for me where I have begun to incorporate plant materials into the mix. Julie Taymor’s scene of Lavinia in her film Titus has stayed with me for a long time; her hands cut off and turned into branches. In my artwork though, the organic elements symbolize a redemption of sorts, where nature regenerates itself and life continues despite tragedy.

The View Project Book

I have 2 photographs featured in this book, which accompanies the View Project exhibition. Blurb Books has done a great job in the design of the book. Edited by Joyce Tenneson. For your viewing pleasure, sample the entire book of great photographs here: http://www.blurb.com/books/1679017


A recent unexpected cold snap in Vancouver BC gave me the opportunity to try out some new work that I have been thinking of for several years now. This is the beginning of a new series entitled Ice-Shifts, where I freeze deconstructed garments into blocks of ice and then photograph them. This is a further development of my previous pieces, Iceworks, where I began to randomly freeze clothing when the weather permitted. This winter i will continue this new series with the aid of my chest freezer and plan the composition and colour of each piece to create a cohesive series …